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Handy kitchen measurements

For those who enjoy cooking, baking and catering at home here are a few more hints and tips. These are all about weights and measures.

 If you lose your weights from the scales -

  • 20p coin weighs 5 grams
  •  1 coin weighs slightly under 10g
  • 2p coin weighs 1/4 oz
  • 1p coin weighs1/8oz

Catering - Measurements for use in the kitchen. Sizes of spoons, teacups and kitchen measurements.

English measurements useful for cooking

3 teaspoons=1 tablespoon

1 tablespoon =18 ml

1 teaspoon=5 ml

English teacup = 1/4 pint

English breakfast cup = 1/2 pint

In recipes a "cup" = 1/2 pint or 10 fl oz.

An American pint is 16fl oz as opposed to Imperial pint which is 20 fl. oz.

A few metric measurements useful for the kitchen

1Kg =2.2lb

l Litre =1.76 pints

1/2 litre = 7/8 pint (so roughly 1 pint is a generous 1/2 litre.)

1 gallon = 8 pints=4.5461litres

To convert                        Multiply by

Inches to Centimetres                2.54

Centimeters to Inches               0.3937

Feet to Metres                         0.3048

Metres to Feet                          3.2808

Pounds to Grams                      453.592

Grams to Pounds                         0.0022

Litres to Gallons                           0.22

Gallons to Litres                           4.546

To weigh honey, syrup and treacle -

Place the whole jar or tin containing the honey or treacle on the scales and write down the total weight. Subtract the weight of the syrup etc. that you want and spoon out the contents until the scales show this new weight. Warm the spoon a little bit before hand and you will be able to measure more easily.



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